Friday, July 19, 2013

Weigh day, no lose day :(

Soooo, I've been a little absent the past week or so.  I went back to work after having my surgery and it's been a busy, busy week in the Fort Worth NICU's!!  Lots of babies being born over here.  It was nice to go back to work though.  I missed the adrenalin-packed action of the Neonatal ICU!

A little back story of my career, I've been a Neonatal ICU nurse for over 9 years and just graduated last December with my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.  I never, ever thought I would move from home (Louisiana) after moving once before, but I loved the Fort Worth Physician's group that I did clinicals with in school and decided to take a job up here and moved in May.

Anyway, I was sooo certain that I would lose weight this week and when I stepped on the scale this morning....BAM!....IT WAS THE SAME WEIGHT!!!  Geez, I followed my Dr's food instructions to a "T".  I've actually been following them like a soldier since starting the preop diet!  I'm guessing that my body is just getting used to no longer being on a liquid diet and now being given soft, mushy foods with more calories.  So, I guess I wont despair yet but wait and see what another week of this does.  My protein is spot on and I have been getting about 800-900 cals a day.

So, here's to hoping for weight loss next Friday!!  Actually, next Saturday is my first fill.  The PA said she usually does about 3 ml's the first fill!  I can definitely tell I need it, because I'm only satisfied for about a couple hours after eating.  YAY for my first adjustment only 3 weeks after surgery!!!

Hope all my many followers are having a great week ;)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ONE week Bandiversary!!!

You know you're HUNGRY when....

You are giving your dog his Puperoni and you almost stick one of those bad boys in your mouth!!  Seriously, this almost happened.  It smelled soooooo good! 

It was like an out of body experience....a trance I was in....all because of a dog treat!!  My doggie sure does enjoy them :)

Meet Tucker :)

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???!?!?!  WOWSERS!!  I have officially LOST my MIND!!

My post op appointment can't come soon enough!!  Friday is the day and I will be on to soft mushy food.  Heavenly!   Can't wait to go grocery shopping for something other than soup and SF drinks!  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh goodness!  I just realized, as I was reading Amy's blog, that hers says "Welcome to Amyville" and I thought I was being creative with "Welcome to Bandville".  Ahhh!  Sorry, I promise wasn't copying you.  I really thought I was original!  haha
Soooo, this is my first blog post ever!!  I went back and forth on whether to start one and finally decided to!  I'm ready to tell you all about my amazing experience with my band so far.  NOT!  I went into this so excited and the preop diet wasn't all that horrible.  I thought surgery would be a breeze and I would be one of those "lucky" ones who didn't have those horrid gas pains and no nausea or vomiting. Let me tell you the first two days were absolute misery, but I've survived to day 5 post op and went for an unscheduled post op appointment today due to my paranoidness (pretty sure I just made that word up) and they confirmed with a Upper GI that my band is perfect and not too tight despite me freaking out that something was terribly wrong.  Let me back up a little bit to yesterday which was day 4 post op and when I started having these weird painful spasms in my upper chest every time I felt like I needed to burp or when I stood up from sitting.  Weird and annoying.  So I called the office and they had me come in and now I feel soooo much better that my band is perfection!!  Yay!!  So just gotta think happy thoughts and take a chill pill before my oh so negative thoughts take me into the land of negative banders.

Anyway, I'm not nearly as witty and absolutely hilarious as my new found blogger Amy from  So, I hope I'm at least half as entertaining as she is :)

OH!!  I almost forgot to say that I've lost.....drumroll please......14 pounds since my preop diet started about two and a half weeks ago!!!!!!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!  Well if you go by my doctors scale, I've lost 16 but my scale shows 14.  I'll take it whatever the number!!

Hope all of my many, abundant followers and fans have a wonderful Monday!!  ;)